Apron Cases

I get a fair amount of requests for apron cases.

The apron case below is made from Acacia (Australian Blackwood, which is a species of Acacia) Price:  $300

Sept 29 2013 acacia









The one below is made of solid Walnut with a Mahogany inlay.
Price: Walnut $240

Walnut apron case with mahogany inlay

Walnut apron case with mahogany inlay












This next one is made of solid Maple and the inlay is Walnut.
Maple wood $225










Opened apron case:

It is a little hard to tell from the photo but, the inside of each case is fully lined in Royal Blue Velvet. (Also available in Red and Royal Purple). The outside dimensions of the case are 17¾” W x 15¾” L x 3″ D

Here is one I recently made for one of our Royal Arch brothers.
Maple wood $225

Royal Arch Apron case - open

Royal Arch Apron case – open













Royal Arch Apron Case

Royal Arch Apron Case











As with everything I make, I use solid wood. Not a  ‘finish’ or veneer but solid wood. I can make your apron case out of almost any type of wood but the price may vary depending on the wood. Optional, personalized, engraved name plate included for an additional $12 (my cost). Price does not include shipping.


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