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My name is Mike Messina and I am a Past Master of Sunset Lodge # 369 in Santa Monica, CA.

Woodworking is my passion as well as my profession. In this website are samples of my work. It is all made by hand, by me, using woods of all types in my workshop in Los Angeles.

Nothing is outsourced or mass produced. Each piece is individual and unique, like the wood from which it is made. I only use real wood. No particle board and no MDF! Only real wood.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these they can all be custom made for you as you desire.

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Even if you think something cannot be made out of wood, ask me!

To place an order or to ask about anything on this site please call me:

(310) 480-1037
or e-mail me

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My video was filmed by my Lodge Brother Vito Lapiccola. Edited by my sister
Robin Migel.


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